Monsters Inc.

Text Adventure Game
Project Overview
Welcome to the immersive world of Monsters Inc., where you take on the persona of James P. Sullivan, a prominent monster, also referred to as Sulley. Your role at Monsters Incorporated is to procure screams to fuel Monstropolis. This task requires venturing into the human realm and acquiring the screams of a child you have frightened. However, it is imperative to exercise caution, as humans pose a significant threat to monsters.  Throughout this engaging experience, you will be presented with a series of thought-provoking multiple-choice questions. The responses you provide will ultimately determine the course of your journey and the encounters you face.  Prepare to embark on a thrilling three-stage adventure, which includes navigating the complexities of accessing the human world, procuring screams, and delivering them to power the city.
This project serves as a demonstration of my proficiency in utilizing a variety of programming concepts, including but not limited to String manipulation, User-Defined Functions and Objects, User Input and Input Handling, Conditional and Nested Conditional Statements, Loops, and Error Control mechanisms such as Try/Except statements. The code developed for this project includes three interactive stages, incorporates time and random packages, and implements both win and fail functions.

My Python script can be found HERE